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paw patrol live mar 11, 2023

Marshall! Rubble! Chase! Rocky! Zuma! Skye! Many parents know these names as well as those of their own children. They're the tireless cartoon pooches comprising the PAW Patrol, the all-in-one eco-conscious police/fire/construction/aviation/naval team who, along with their trusted preteen ringleader Ryder, maintain peace and order in the picturesque town of Adventure Bay.

In the latest live-action adventure spectacle from every kid's favorite cartoon dog squad, Ryder and his crew of ever-resourceful pups must save their bumbling, seafaring friend Cap'n Turbot after he gets lost in a cave — just as Mayor Goodway's Pirate Day festival celebrations are set to begin on Adventure Bay.

En route to the rescue, the team finds a treasure map and sets out to find the booty for Mayor Goodway's event before their dastardly rival Mayor Humdinger (from the nearby town of Foggy Bottom) gets to the goods first. With dog-suited dancing actors bringing the show's beloved canine characters to life before big-screen animated backdrops, The Great Pirate Adventure is an energetic musical revue featuring all the familiar theme music from the show and brand-new songs exclusive to this production. It also features a special appearance from the newest member of the PAW Patrol team, Tracker.

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